Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tinting Tips!

If tinting the basic way start tinting with the first basic color listed below:Blue + Yellow = green
One can get different greens by using more of less of each of the above colors.
Green + Red = G15 (a greenish black) G15 + more red = Black
Black + Red = Yellowish Brown
Yellowish Brown + red = Natural Brown
Natural Brown + red = Reddish brown
Color Mix Chart:
Click here to view tint mixing and correction chart from BPI

How to correct and adjust colors:

If a Black lens is:
Too blue, dip in red or brown
Too green, dip in blue and red
Too purple, dip in yellow
Too brown, dip in blue
If a Brown lens is:
too yellow, dip in blue
too blue, dip in yellow and red
too grey, brown dip in red
If a Green lens is:
Too yellow, dip in blue
Too blue, dip in yellow
Too grey, dip in blue and yellow

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